The Wisdom to Know the Difference 


Full Moon in Libra – Freedom or Fairness? 


We have a Full Moon in Libra on March 31st. This is the second Full Moon in March and happens at 11° Libra. 


The Full Moon is the most extraordinary period of the lunar cycle and brings two inverse components (Libra and Aries) into our mindfulness.  libra zodiac sign


Aries-Libra hub represents oneself, activity, affirmation, self-sufficiency (Aries) and ‘the other’, compromise, collaboration, reasonableness (Libra). 


Related to the first/seventh houses, Aries-Libra is a cardinal pivot portraying the battle to discover a harmony between individual flexibility, the mental fortitude to communicate one’s thoughts, and the help and reasonableness we need from others. 


Since the Full Moon is in Libra, the Libra side of the hub will come into the center. The Full Moon will challenge Aries’ self-governance and endeavor to accompany a superior, thoroughly considered arrangement. 


Full Moon in Libra – it’s Tough, yet it’s Worth it. 


The Full Moon in Libra makes principally testing viewpoints, framing a T-square in Cardinal signs. 


The Full Moon is inverse Mercury retrograde in Aries and squares Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. 


With such a lot of pressure and cardinal energy, this is certifiably not a simple Full Moon so plan to be shaken. 


Interestingly, the leader of the Full Moon, Venus, just entered her habitation Taurus and is applying a ternary to Mars, the leader of Aries. 


There is trust. If you figure out how to incorporate the energy of the T-square, the prizes will come ultimately. 


A Cardinal T-square is a trial of our tirelessness and an update that when the vast majority come up short, the mystery of progress is to continue attempting. 


Mercury Retrograde, Mars and Saturn 


The central part of the Full Moon is resistance to Mercury retrograde, which is testing the Sun’s striking articulation of oneself. Mercury retrograde will request the Sun to reconsider the thoughts from fortitude, self-articulation, and independence. 


Mercury retrograde is tied in with coordinating the most recent exercises and tracking down a superior method of getting things done. 


There should be a superior method to support yourself, make a move, and tell the world your identity, and Mercury retrograde is currently welcoming you to investigate it! 


Mars and Saturn in Capricorn represent persistence for intense activity and inward force. When everything around disintegrates, Mars and Saturn in Capricorn stay there to battle until the end. 


The two Mars and Saturn feel great in Capricorn. Mars is lifted in Capricorn – and is more resolved and centered than any time in recent memory. What’s more, Saturn is in residence in Capricorn – this is the place where he can take as much time as is needed to arrive at the top and transform dreams into specific fundamental factors. Indeed, Mars and Saturn are complex energies to work with, yet at this moment, you can make them work in support of yourself. 


The Full Moon is a chance to reset, re-do, and invest more effort. If things don’t go as arranged, perhaps it in ideal to re-change and attempt a different methodology. In any case, it’s anything but, by all means, an opportunity to surrender! 


The Full Moon in Libra is tied in to understand that when things don’t fill in as arranged, it’s an ideal opportunity to change the arrangement. It is an update that, despite any disappointment, you haven’t lost the conflict. Remember the drawn-out vision, roll out the fundamental improvements, and generally significant – don’t surrender! 


What is happening in your life right now? Where do you feel baffled and enticed to surrender? At this Full Moon, pledge to give it one more attempt. Would you be able to think about a different way to deal with the test? 


Full Moon in Libra – the Wisdom to ‘Know the Difference’ 


“God, award me the serenity to acknowledge the things I can’t change, the fortitude to change the things I can change, and the astuteness to know the difference.” 


I love this statement since it catches the pith of human life. Do we have through and through freedom? Or, on the other hand, is everything foreordained? 


Indeed, when we need to acknowledge destiny and comprehend that there are higher powers at work, the Universe has a higher arrangement at the top of the priority list, which rises above our individual decisions. 


This is the point at which we ought to acknowledge what occurs and allow predetermination to follow through to its logical end. 


In any case, there are additional times when you can pick. At the point when you can conquer the battles, you are confronted with. You do have a choice. The through and through freedom accompanies a condition, however. You need to push through your current impediments and dare to get out of your usual range of familiarity. 


Through and through freedom doesn’t mean you are allowed something. It implies you can utilize your inward force and assurance to change the norm. 


Also, presently comes the central issue: “and have the shrewdness to know the difference.” How might we know the difference? 


Insight is very Libran. Libra has an incredible capacity to gauge realities, stars, and cons and accompany the ideal arrangement. 


Libras make the best adjudicators, military pioneers, and planners since they just ‘know’ the difference; all the more precisely, they can comprehend the restricting powers at play. At the point when different signs go with their head (air and earth signs), with their heart (water signs), or with their instinct (fire signs), a Libra stays reasonable, comprehends that someplace in the center, and settles on the ideal choice. 


Destiny or Free Will? 


We are presently returning to the unavoidable issue: how to know the difference between destiny and freedom of thought? 


As a general guideline, at whatever point we travel to outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), destiny is more grounded than choice. This is the point at which we need to give up and give up to a higher force. 


Likewise, this is generally when we have traveled in variable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). Alterable signs bring endings and changes starting with one condition of being then onto the next. 


Then again, we have traveled to individual planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) and, less significantly, to Jupiter and Saturn, we heavily influence life. We can start to lead the pack; we can make changes. 


Likewise, when we have traveled in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), we have more unrestrained choices. That is because the cardinal signs are very starting. Things are simply beginning to unfurl. We have the opportunity to adapt. 


Since the Full Moon makes perspectives to Mercury, Mars, and Saturn and is in Cardinal signs, the Full Moon in Libra is such when you CAN change your conditions. 


This is the point at which you have the cunning to know (Libra) that life is heavily influenced by you and have the fortitude (Aries) to venture outside your usual range of familiarity and roll out the fundamental improvements. 


Indeed, life can be trying on occasion. Certainly, life can feel like an endless series of difficulties. Yet, if you need to succeed, if you need to satisfy your latent capacity, if you need to carry on with a life of honesty, put in more effort. Persist. When you lose all expectation, recollect it is never past the point where it is possible to give it one more attempt. The Full Moon in Libra is one of those occasions.



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