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Buy the Samsung Galaxy M01, that not only has attractive looks but is also well equipped with impressive features. The mobile phone has been launched in India on April 2, 2021 ( Official) at a launching price of Rs 9,99. The phone is available in several SIM variants and has been made available through various Mobile network operators in India. The major feature that the handset features is the Windows Mobile OS that has been preinstalled in it.

The Samsung galaxy M01 has a built-in FM radio which can be set to different frequencies. This facility is provided by the manufacturer’s factory default setting which enables the user to choose any frequency. If you are looking for a handset with a larger memory and faster speed, then the Samsung galaxy M01 would be an ideal choice for you. It offers a high level of resolution along with a large display and comes with a large and vibrant color touch screen that makes it easier to use. samsung galaxy m01

Apart from this, the Samsung galaxy M01 has a very interesting design along with a number of additional features. The beauty of this gadget lies in its futuristic look and the body glows with a vivid color. The front camera consists of a 5 MP unit and the flash unit consists of a single LED that ensures bright image even in low light situations. The second camera, which comes as a separate unit is complimented by a pixel-fitted Auto Focus system that allows the user to focus the image instantly. The Samsung galaxy M01 has a unique autofocus technology known as Dual Shot.

The Samsung galaxy M01 has an attractive camera layout that has five primary controls namely – photo, video, record, playback and brightness. The main camera has an impressive array of features including a timer, night mode, image stabilization and white balancing. This is complemented by the secondary unit which houses the standard Samsung menu as well as dedicated buttons such as the power and volume controls. The other important function of this unit is the support for the USB cable.

The Samsung galaxy M01 also features a unique dual SIM tray that allows you to insert two SIM cards into this smartphone at the same time. With this handset you can make a local call and take international calls as well. You can also expand your memory of this smartphone and download various apps. You can buy movies and use the Samsung galaxy M01 as a media player, you can even upload videos to YouTube using the built-in video player.

The biggest strength of the Samsung galaxy M01 is its high quality mobile application which includes thousands of applications which help you in many ways. The Samsung galaxy M family is complimented with a very efficient memory engine that helps in improving the speed of the device. To sum up all, the Samsung galaxy M has everything that a user could ask for in a mobile handset and much more.

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