Make the Best New Years’ Resolution of Your Life!

Many people make and break the same resolutions every New Year! Some people actual make progress with their goals each year but lack continuity from year to year. Here is a new approach that I believe will help you be more successful with your resolutions. Set a GOAL for how long you want to live! Follow the Gap Plan format shown here and use every New Year as a time for your Annual Review. My goal is to live to 120 years old. I may not reach that age but if I work hard to achieve my goal, I will certainly be a lot healthier at age 90 or 100.

I don’t usually put much weight on “resolutions” but if that is what it takes to get you started then go for it. The key to success is to make sure that you have a process to follow. Here is a process that works: for more information visit:-advance new year 2022 wishes

• Set your goal and put it in writing.

• Assess your current status and compare it to your goal. The difference between your current status and your goal is “The Gap”

• Develop a Plan to address the Gap. Break it down into little steps and prioritize each step.

• Start on the steps that will keep you motivated first.

• Track your progress closely. Readjust your plan as needed.

Living a long, healthy and fulfilling life requires that you are continuously improving your lifestyle. Focus on replacing bad habits with good ones. Take time everyday to increase your knowledge in the areas you are trying to improve. Improving your knowledge is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Another motivational tool is to visualize what the world will be like in the year you select as a goal. For instance, I was born in 1950 so at 120, the year will be 2070. What will the world be like in the year 2070? I bet that it will be exciting! Living to 120 should give me plenty of time to achieve all of my other goals and make a larger impact on the world.

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