Safe Cat Toys

Unless you want to make an unscheduled trip to the vet, you always want to check out any toy you give to your favorite cat. Cats will play with just about anything, even something that might be dangerous to their health. A quick check to see if the is any potential for harm is always a good thing. It can save you some time and money too (emergency trips to the Vet are not cheap).

If you have an outdoor cat, there’s no telling what they might find and drag home for future play. Semi dead animals are always popular; we get those often at our house. We have one cat in particular that is way too skilled in hunting any animal that is his size or smaller. The best one was a pretty good size snake that still had a lot of life and was very difficult to catch.

Unwatched cat doors are convenient but can present an opportunity to bring in things you don’t want in your house. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into the laundry room (where our self serve cat door is located) and found a surprise. It’s a good thing to keep an eye on any entry point.

Cat toys at local pet stores or other outlets can present some inherent dangers. If you have a cat toy that requires human participants, you can push the risk a little bit since you are there and observing. But if you’re like us, cat toys are all over the place and are often played with unsupervised. Scratch and Purr

We usually inspect the cat toy and remove or eliminate any items that might present a problem. Even something as harmless looking as a stretch of string or yarn can be swallowed and cause serious problems for your cat. Here’s a quick list of things to check out before letting your cat have at any toy.

Loose Parts – Anything that can be chewed off and swallowed is not a good thing. Especially if they made out of plastic or manmade material.

Sharp objects – Anything that has a sharp edge or point can be a real problem. Metals of any kind should always be checked.

Poisonous materials – Depending on where the item was manufactured (recent China issues come to mind), they might have used materials that are poisonous. Always check the manufacturing source or country of origin.

Laser lights – These have become very popular and most cats love to chase the light. But you should always be careful not to shine the light directly into your cat’s eyes (or humans either).

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